Being and Nothingness

Das Sein und das Nichts
L’Être et le Néant

Luxembourg/Austria 2007 / 10 min / colour / 35mm / Dolby Digital
Live version (4:10 min) performed by Klangforum Wien

World Premiere: Biennale di Venezia 2007
International Premiere: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2007

Austrian Premiere: Wien Modern Ouverture 2007

Prix UIP Short Film Nominee for the European Film Awards 2007
SiCORTO Best Short Animation Finalist, Cochabamba, Bolivia 2010

Part of the film collection Free Radicals


Being and Nothingness works with a piece by Beat Furrer to make the parameters of the generation of music visible. Music is poured into pictures: What you see is what you hear.

The individual musicians appear only in the extremely brief moments in which they play, with their bodies representing notes on a visualised score. The film illustrates the dominance of music over the body, its presence and its disappearance. Conductor Beat Furrer acts as the tamer of time and the master of silence.

For the film & music project Free Radicals, Bady Minck realises the two short films Being and Nothingness and Seems To Be together with Klangforum Wien. The principal performers of both films are the musicians of Klangforum Wien together with composer and conductor Beat Furrer.