curated film programs


Free Radicals
short radical pieces of music combined with short radical films
World Premiere at the Biennale di Venezia 2007
Austrian Premiere at the opening of the Wien Modern Festival
Further public performances at the Philharmonie Luxembourg, Palais des Beaux-Arts Bruxelles – Festival Ars Musica, Lincoln Center New York, Laeiszhalle Hamburg.
in cooperation with Klangforum Wien

Museum of Modern Art Moscow
Contemporary Visual Music
Film-program & Video-installations

Linoleum Film Festival Moscow
Special Programs
35mm Cinema


Independent Film Show Napoli
Staccato Sound & The Flood of Images
video-installation & 2 film programs
Fondazione Morra Napoli – e-m arts

Top Kino Vienna
Pixel versus Korn
short film program

onambiente Festival Berlin
Klangstakkato und Bilderflut II.
12 programs with films on soundart


Dissolvenze Arte & Cinema Festival Gradisca
AMOUR FOU pour Vous!
Le eclettiche produzioni della factory viennese

6 programs with films produced by AMOUR FOU

Film Festival Fantoche, Baden, Switzerland
The World in the Blink of an Eye: West Side Stories
Globalisation versus Cultural Identity

special program with 4 thematic selections of short films
catalogue contribution

European Short Film Biennale Ludwigsburg
AMOUR FOU pour Vous!
4 programs with films produced by AMOUR FOU

Wider das Verdrängen und Vergessen
film & discussion modules countering the thoughtlessness of the Austrian jubilee year of 2005
together with the film group of Austria – 2005


Kunsthalle Wien and Filmcasino, Vienna
symposium and selected films dealing with the interface of science and art, landscape and film
together with Heidi Dumreicher and Martina Theininger

Kulturfabrik Esch, Luxembourg
Carte Blanche à Bady Minck
exhibition with works by Elodie Pong, Zipora Fried, Thomas Draschan
film program with films by Zelimir Zilnik, Jan Svankmajer, Thomas Draschan, Nick Park, Martin Arnold, Kurt Kren, Peter Tscherkassky
panel discussion on the issue of artists´ interference with refugee politics

International Filmwochenende Würzburg
AMOUR FOU pour Vous!
program with films produced by AMOUR FOU


Forum Stadtpark Graz
Literacy and New Media
thematic film program curated by Bady Minck as visiting professor at the University for Applied Sciene Joanneum Graz, Department Information Design

International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
special program entitled
6 thematic film programs curated by Bady Minck
8 thematic film programs with films selected by guestcurators, invited by Lars Henrik Gass and Bady Minck: Marina Grzinic (Llubljana), Pimpaka Towira (Bankok), Keiko Araki (Tokio), Ian White (London), Viola Shavik (Kairo), Claudio Caldini (Buenos Aires), Catherine David (Rotterdam/Paris), Mark Nash (London/Cambridge/USA)
panel discussion and catalogue contribution


Batofar Paris
Batofar cherche Vienne / Batofar looks for Vienna
film and video program, panel discussion


Cinémathèque de Luxembourg
F for femmes
selection of films directed by women

Cinémathèque de Luxembourg
strange paradises
thematic film program


Filmcasino Vienna
Luxembourgian Filmsoirée
2 programs with 9 films made in Luxembourg


Wallace & Gromit Total
theatrical release in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
press kit and folder


Sonambiente Festival, Akademie der Künste Berlin
Klangstakkato & Bilderflut
film program for the festival “sonambiente” celebrating 300 years Akademie der Künste Berlin
folder, web- and catalogue contribution

Wallace & Gromit – Program II
theatrical release in Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland (360.000 visitors)
press kit and folder


Film Festival Fantoche, Baden, Switzerland
A Tribute to Richard Goleszowski
retrospective Richard Goleszowski
catalogue contribution

film program for the “Soundart” festival


Wallace & Gromit – The Aardman Collection
theatrical release in Austria, Germany and Luxembourg (150.000 visitors)
theatrical release in Switzerland (50.000 visitors)
press kit, poster and folder

Filmcasino Vienna
Aardman Animation Festival
festival program and organisation (30.000 visitors)
workshop with Nick Park
press kit and folder


The Best of Tex Avery
theatrical release in Germany (40.000 visitors)
theatrical release in Austria at Filmcasino Vienna (15.000 visitors)
press kit and folder

Filmcasino Vienna
The Encyclopaedia of Dreams
complete retrospective of the films of Jan Svankmajer (6.000 visitors)
together with Stefan Grissemann and Alexander Ivanceanu
Jan Svankmajer exhibition at Kunstraum Freihaus


Bogacici University Istanbul
Occident Express – Films and Videos by Artists
with films and videos by Prinzgau/Podgorschek, Simon Wachsmuth, Peter Tscherkassky, Martin Arnold, Leo Schatzl
together with Stefan Stratil and in co-operation with the Austrian Institute of Culture Istanbul


Cinematograph Innsbruck, Ciné Utopia Luxemburg, Kinemathek Düsseldorf
Films by Artists
part of the travelling exhibition “13 Superleichen räumen auf – 13 super corpes are cleaning up”
with films by Uli Sappok, Sabine Groschup, C. Angelmaier, Stefan Ettlinger, Mara Mattuschka, der Anarchistischen Gummizelle/the Anarchistic Padded Cell and Bady Minck

Travelling Exhibition Luxembourg – Innsbruck – Düsseldorf
13 Superleichen räumen auf – 13 super corpses are cleaning up 
with works by Manfredu Schu, Wolfgang Stengl, Bertram Jesdinski, Sabine Groschup, Bady Minck, C. Angelmaier and others


University for Applied Arts Vienna
Filmfest – Films by Artists
with films by Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Pola Reuth, Rainer Kirberg, der Anarchistischen Gummizelle/the Anarchistic Padded Cell and Bady Minck