Salle d’attente

France/Belgium/Austria 2003/2004 / 70 min

Performance with film projections


This theatrical dance piece for three men and a woman explores the different aspects of the desire for success. The performers stride through a “waiting room”, a hallucination of time and space, in which they are confronted with their loneliness, their illusions and glimpes of the success they strive for. Taking the risk, they plunge into an absurd choreography of libidinous gambling.


Concept & Choreography: Loulou Omer

Visuals: Eni Brandner & Bady Minck

Music: Achim Tang

Costumes: Cathy Péraux

Stage Design: Loulou Omer & François Marsollier

Light: François Marsollier

Video: Eni Brandner

Performance: Benoît Armange, Fabio Barad, Sonia Enquin, Stéphane Fesnard

With the financial support of: Kulturamt der Stadt Wien, BKA/Kunst, Französisches Kulturinstitut Wien, Choreographic Centre Linz, Amour Fou Filmproduktion Wien, Mains d’Oeuvres Paris, IXKIZIT Cie. «Chantier en construction» Paris

Administration: Thomas Licek Vladimir & Estragon

ProductionSchauspielhaus Wien


Avant Premiere in Linz (August 2003)

Premiere in Paris (October 2003)

Bruxelles (November 2003)

Schauspielhaus Wien (14.01.2004 -18.01.2004)