Luxembourg 2002 / 42 sec / colour / 35mm / Dolby Digital

“Two jelly bears in love have sex in a world made of rubber.”
Holland Animation Film Festival


Don’t stop passion – stop Aids!

Gummitwist celebrates the joys of love, sex and passion by showing cute, sweet and tasty gummi bears who can´t get enough of it. Playing with the colloquial and literal connotation of “Gummi” (rubber), the film attempts to positively connotate condom rubber material and safe sex for young people.

Gummitwist was commissioned by the Ministère de la Santé (Ministry of Health) of Luxembourg for a Stop Aids Campaign and screened in cinemas before feature presentations.


Directed, Animated & Edited by Bady Minck

Script: Bady Minck mit Studenten der VCL Luxembourg
(Raphael Hinger, Jeff Fritsch & co)

Music & Sound: Bernhard Fleischmann

Voice: Monica Semedo von Planet RTL

3D Studio: mkfx-Studio

Production: AMOUR FOU Luxembourg