Luxembourg 2002 / 42 sec / couleur / 35mm / Dolby Digital

« Two jelly bears in love have sex in a world made of rubber. »
Holland Animation Film Festival


Don’t stop passion – stop Aids!

Gummitwist celebrates the joys of love, sex and passion by showing cute, sweet and tasty gummi bears who can´t get enough of it. Playing with the colloquial and literal connotation of « Gummi » (rubber), the film attempts to positively connotate condom rubber material and safe sex for young people.

Gummitwist was commissioned by the Ministère de la Santé (Ministry of Health) of Luxembourg for a Stop Aids Campaign and screened in cinemas before feature presentations.


Réalisation, Animation & Montage: Bady Minck

Scénario: Bady Minck mit Studenten der VCL Luxembourg
(Raphael Hinger, Jeff Fritsch & co)

Musique & Son: Bernhard Fleischmann

Voix: Monica Semedo von Planet RTL

3D Studio: mkfx-Studio

Production: AMOUR FOU Luxembourg